Letter from the Director


I am so excited to bring this program to Scotts Valley.  In my 33 years of teaching all different types of classes, I have seen the need for the involvement of parents during the first five years of life.  Of course our involvement doesn't stop at age five , but lasts a life time.  However, those first years are such tender, crucial years that fly by in a wink of an eye!  I have also witnessed the benefits of a support system that will enhance the wonderful experience of parenting.  Our school will provide a vehicle to enjoy those years with our preschoolers and give them a solid foundation for their life adventures.  Lifelong friendships and memories will also form between families.  I look forward to speaking with you.  Please do not hesitate to phone me or email me with your questions.


Serving the community with you,


Donna Hardwick


Donna Hardwick teaches both the Explorers and the Sprouts classes along with the afternoon parenting class. Mrs. Hardwick has earned two Bachelor of Arts Degrees.  One in Behavioral Science and one in Liberal Arts. She has a Ryan’s Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the College of Notre Dame which qualifies her to teach preschool through college age students. She is also credentialed by ACSI.  Donna has 33 years teaching experience. She has taught grades 1, 2 and 3 in the elementary school and has ten years experience as a preschool teacher and 40 years leading women’s groups. She is delighted to be able to teach both the wonderful children and their parents at Heart to Hearts PIP.