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"If you had the chance to make just one meaningful impact on your preschooler, sending them to Heart to Hearts PIP could very well be it."

-Barbara Neill

"Heart to Hearts PIP has helped my family become a part of the local community, and, at the same time, prepare our daughter for kindergarten. I look forward to my "workday" as much as she looks forward to going to school."

-Lisa Teves

"Heart to Hearts is a place I always know my son will be safe and loved!"

- Heidi Darneal

"My son wants everyday to be a school day, I learn new and creative parenting techniques, I have formed friendships with other mothers...why can't this school go up to 8th grade? We are so grateful to be a part of Mrs. Hardwick's Explorer class!!!!"

-Nicole Bowen

"Heart to Hearts was an answer to my prayers"

- Mellissa Grasso

I love Heart to HeartsPreschool. Not only did my daughter grow, make new friends, and learn new things every day, but so did I. We've both made lasting friendships that will last a lifetime, and every day was a new fun adventure full of surprises. I've never met a more organized dedicated person than Mrs. Hardwick, and when you combine that with the love she feels for the children, you couldn't ask for a better preschool teacher.

~Doreen Wootten

"There are many preschools out there, but not like Heart to Hearts. You HAVE to check this place out! I was completely and pleasantly surprised when I stepped foot into class the first day with my four year old. I wish we'd been there all along."

- Laura W.

"As a preschool teacher myself, Heart to Hearts has everything I could ask for. It is the perfect mix of play and pre K. The way the program is run I get one on one time with my son as well as my daughter. Mrs. Hardwick really goes above and beyond every day, her passion for preschool is amazing. I cannot say enough about how great this school is!"

- Chinarose Stayskal

"Heart to Hearts PIP has given our son a much stronger foundation for learning as we prepare for the next leap into Kindergarten. Well before his entry into preschool, we made a decision to make sure he was "ready to learn" before moving into K. He was not ready at 5 years old, and will enter at 6 later this year. He has grown considerably in the nurturing environment at H2H, and we're very thankful for Mrs. Hardwick's leadership and the wonderful parents that all worked together to produce a great learning environment for the kids."

- Nicole L.

"Heart to Hearts is the perfect name for our preschool. Donna Hardwick ( the director and teacher of our school) is one of the most open hearted people I have ever met. She has created a safe, nurturing, and fun learning environment for all of us. I look forward to my parent work day. And I know my daughter loves school. Every morning she wakes up and asks, "Mommy, do I get to go to school today?" I'm so grateful that my daughter has Heart to Hearts as her first school experience."

- JoAnn Tassone

"Heart to Hearts PIP is one pre-school co-op that is well worth the time and effort required by parents. I will never regret the year I have spent with my daughter playing and learning with our "school friends"--parents and children alike. And Mrs. Hardwick does an incredible job of orchestrating the perfect blend of learning, structure, love, and freedom for pre-school aged children."

- Amy Barton

"Heart to Hearts turned out to be a godsend for both my daughter and I. It has been such a rewarding experience, my daughter loves coming to school and Mrs. Hardwick makes the time worthwhile. I have also learned so much through the interactions with the other children and parents that I've been able to take home and use with my family to their benefit. Thank you Heart to Hearts, we needed you!"

- Daria D.

Favorite Things
Children say the cutest things....

From a Sprout Parent..... When I look around Heart to Hearts to find the next child to work at my station, I see a roomful of busily engaged children. I love sharing my daughter’s preschool experiences on my “work” days and she’s excited to see me and tell me what she did on non-work days. At home, she sings songs and re-tells stories learned here. She is so proud of the many art projects and other work she brings home. Today she left hand in hand with a friend. He encouraged her to be more adventurous and she cautioned him to be more careful – good advice in both cases. This is a beautiful place for my daughter to learn about friendships as well as learning and growing in other ways.

While writing this I asked Sophia ,

   ”What is the most important thing you’ve learned at Heart to Hearts preschool?”


“What about Jesus?”

“He rose from the dead and he is alive in little bitty hearts.” Big Smiles.

“Little bitty hearts?” I wasn’t sure if I caught the words correctly.

“No, little and big hearts.”

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