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Heart to Hearts PIP is a non-profit parent participation cooperative support group for Homeschooling families.

Drawing Class
Our Mission
Heart to Hearts PIP provides specialized programs for homeschooled children, along with daytime parent education. Families share in the homeschooling experience, gain valuable parenting skills and develop a parental support group. The efforts of parents and their direct involvement in the program make this parent participation play school a unique educational endeavor and provide an essential support group for growing families. 
Our primary philosophy is that play, especially with playmates, is one of the most important experiences of childhood and through it children develop physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially. Play is the work of children and from play they learn and grow. 
Our Philosophy

Heart to Hearts PIP offers a large in-door and outdoor space, replete with age-appropriate toys, games and learning centers, so that children can get down to the business of learning and play.  Our program also offers daily structure, including regular opportunities for the child to bond with a teacher, learn to share, listen in a group setting and develop new skills by participating in hands-on art, science and cooking projects.

Heart to Hearts PIP will successfully prepare children for admission to kindergarten. Our program also offers education to parents immediately following their Pod workday in Sprouts and Explorer Pre-K . The Teacher guides discussions about the parents observations of the children and parenting topics, such as child development and modeling good communication skills.

Kindergarten Classroom
Give your child the gift of education and fun. Enroll them at Heart to Hearts PIP today!
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